Crypto Currency Exchange Script

Our world's Best Bitcoin Exchange Software will help you to satisfy your Entrepreneurial dream. Start your own Cryptocurrency exchange software similar to Binance, Localbitcoins and Coinbase using our advanced software with an affordable price.

Top Features

Instant Buy-Sell

Instant Buy or Instant Sell both is possible and efficient in our crypto exchange software as the mechanism is configured to register the trade, off the network.

Admin Panel

Seamlessly configured panel for the admin equipped with the features to control the entire functions of the Cryptocurrency Exchange software.

Order Book

Orderbook that updates all the entries posted for trade within a fraction of seconds thus making the entire Exchange lively.

Liquidity management

Obtain the liquidity from the world's popular exchanges through API that ensures the completion of the trade posted in the Bitcoin Exchange Software.


Trade seamlessly and effectively in the Bitcoin Exchange Script with the help of the custom coded Trading engine that compiles and executes the trade faster than your imagination.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications for the cryptocurrency trading script that checks all the boxes of features list and fell no short in terms of execution.

Peer to Peer Exchange

Either like Binance or like LocalBitcoins, you can choose either type of cryptocurrency exchange script that will help you to trade between user to user.


Daemon or third party, Hot or Cold any type of wallet integration is possible in our Crypto Exchange Software. Get a separate wallet for each user that will help you to send or receives cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another in no time.


Anything can be compromised but the security cannot be. Our exchange software is developed in a way that it cannot get infiltrated and induces the confidence to the users.


Hashogen Technologies is a highly motivated cryptocurrency exchange software development company with a team of skilful resources. The primary motto of us is to provide technology-driven services at an affordable cost without compromising the quality. Being a vibrant and young team, we can work on any kind of requirements by doing proper research. Blockchain Technology is our strength as we have a team of experts who are experienced in this technology and we believe that it will bring changes in major industries. Cryptocurrency related service is our strongest zone till date and we are expanding and exploring many ways in order to improve it further and better.

Other than Cryptocurrency exchange software development, we are also offering services such as Payment gateway development especially to deal with cryptocurrencies. You can find the list of services that we offer in Other Products section.

Recommended server specifications for the flawless performace of our
cryptocurrency exchange software are as follows:

  • Storage - 80 GB SSD
  • vCPU - 2vCPUs
  • Memory - 4 GB
  • Bandwidth/Transfer - 3 TB
  • OS - Ubuntu

  • two different servers with the above specifications will be needed for the installation as our system is developed with Multi server architecture.&

    Top 4 Reasons why you need to employ BitExchange to run your Online Cryptocurrency Exchange business:

    - It is the most secure Cryptocurrency Trading Script in the market. Check the list of all security measure taken HERE
    - sophisticated to easily add any New ALT-COINS easily.
    -Engineered for Performance. Tested for up to 40,000 parallel Transactions.
    -Modular and secure design that enables easy addition of any Payment gateway, Bank etc.

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    Check the demo to know more about our product or you can also reach us directly at hello@hashogen.com

    Working with

    Technologies We Use

    Technologies We Use

    Security Features 

    Two Factor Authentication

    DDoS Protection using Cloudflare

    IP based Login Restriction

    Escrow Management

    CSRF Protection

    Decentralised Data Handling

    Dispute Management

    SSL Authentication

    Data Encryption

    Bitcoin Exchange software


    $ xxxx

    • Website with essential features
      Wallet for 4 currencies
      Free installation
      Free App submission
      Free technical support for one year
      Free upgrades for one year
      Unencrypted source code
      Custom landing page


    $ xxxx

    • Website with Android or iOS application
      Wallet for 4 currencies
      Free installation
      Free technical support for one year
      Free upgrades for two years
      Unencrypted source code
      Custom landing page


    $ xxxx
    • Website with android and iOS applications
      Wallet for 4 currencies
      Free installation
      Free App submission
      Free technical support for one year
      Free upgrades for three years
      Unencrypted source code
      Custom UI for all pages

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