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Why Bit Exchange? 

P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange

Be an Entrepreneur with the less complicated type of exchange similar to LocalBitcoins and Paxful.

We are offering a readymade web and mobile application similar to localbitcoins.com to make peer to peer exchange easier, reliable, secure and highly dependent. The adopted escrow system in our application will be more transparent and it will help the user as well as the admin to handle the flow and transaction of the funds without any hiccups. 


Margin Trading

Allow your users to borrow funds and let them play with it on your behalf.

Earn more profit by adapting the Margin/Leverage trading feature within the system by letting the user borrow leverage of cryptos up to 50x to 100x. Our most advanced and sophisticated margin trading feature will help you to manage the entire funds given us leverage and the profits earned from a single window. 


Wallet Development

A safe and secure wallet development services for the cryptocurrency.

Launch your own wallet application that helps the user to store their cryptocurrency safely. A safe and secure wallet will help the users to rely on it to store their crypto and it will let them send and receive the funds in the wallet faster and in a secured way. A simpler business model for the admin thus making it the best option to initiate the business in the cryptocurrency market. 

Stablecoin Development

Stablecoin Development

Develop a Stable coin and Peg it with the most reliable resource and assets.

Our Stablecoin development service will help you to create a stable coin which you can peg it with the much reliable resources, commodities and assets that you rely on. Our method of developing a cryptocurrency will help you to make your own Stablecoin that will be faster and storage efficient. You can make it collateral with either crypto and fiat or it can be non-collateral. 

Crypto Payment gateway system

Crypto Payment gateway system

Get your own payment gateway software that helps you to deal the payments through Cryptocurrency.

Our Payment gateway development service will let you own your own payment gateway that can be adapted in an e-commerce site or any kind of site in which the user needs to do the payment through Cryptocurrencies. Enable the payments through cryptocurrency by letting the other site owners incorporate your own payment gateway system in their system. Launching your own payment gateway in the market that is crowded less with a similar type of application will give you an upper hand with something unique to serve for the crypto users. 

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Technologies We Use

Technologies We Use