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Bitcoin Exchange Website Script

by Hashogen | Dec 07, 2020

It is enumerated that an administrator should have certain privileges that entitle you to manage the exchange effectively. In addition setting up gateways to banks and managing deposits and withdrawals should be an intrinsic feature that is built into the exchange script while simultaneously boasting of an intuitive interface.

One of the crucial features of an administrator interface is to provide customer support. There should be a way for users to contact you over email or a private messaging platform in case of any challenges or issues. The exchange is bound to grow and you might need additional staff support, and the exchange script should be able to facilitate the addition of new administrators or different levels of delegated users who will be able to perform a few assigned tasks but not everything that an administrator can.

Any good bitcoin exchange script website should be able to ensure that the users are able to perform a few basic functions. 

  • In the event of fiat currency support, there should be an option for users to transfer or deposit local currencies on an online platform.
  • Support for buying and selling of cryptocurrencies in popular trading pairs like Bitcoin and Ether.
  • Facilitating a smooth withdrawal of fiat currencies for the profits reaped.
  • Transferring of cryptocurrencies to a private wallet for personal transactions or for cold storage.
  • Depositing of cryptocurrencies from an outside wallet for trading purposes.
  • Complete transparency in trade history.

The features might seem very basic but it is important to ensure that your bitcoin exchange script does not miss out on the basic features as well.

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