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How to launch a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance

by Hashogen | Mar 30, 2020

Binance is one of the most popular and highly successful cryptocurrency exchange applications that is operating currently. It acts as a mentor and it leads the crowded market with many cryptocurrency exchange applications. The way Binance operates and the ease that it offers attracts the users which are making it more successful and popular. Whenever a person or an entrepreneur wants to start an exchange Binance will be their inspiration. Starting an exchange like Binance is not difficult as people think.  
Hitting the market with the right amount of features and feasibility will provide the needed success for the platform eventually by maintaining and by scaling. The important features to start an exchange like Binance are as follows: 
Matching and Trading Engine: 
Trading Engine is the core for an exchange application, So it is important to adapt the trading engine with a good capacity and the ability to handle the many transactions.  
Order types: 
Limit, Market and Stop Limit Market orders are mandatory and very important. Other than this, the system should be able to accept any type of order that might get introduced in the system based on the market request. 
The appearance of the application should be welcoming and it should be easier for the user to handle and to ride throughout the application. As the UI is the first thing that impresses it is important to prioritize the UI. 
Security should not be compromised at any cost which is the ground rule for any type of cryptocurrency exchange application. Any kind of breach should be restricted. Either it is direct or indirect, it should not let the system down in any means.  
Leaving the needed features listed above there are some of the features and functions present in Binance like P2P exchange, New currency launch pad, margin trading and features that can be optional or can be introduced from time to time to keep the exchange engaged with the user. 
Hashogen Technologies offers the Binance clone script by equipping it with all the needed features. With an entry-level cost, the script offers a great deal for the entrepreneur to hit the market.