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Launch your Cryptocurrency exchange platform in four hours

by Hashogen | Mar 18, 2020

Bitcoin exchange software platform can be launched within 4 working hours by using the Cryptocurrency exchange software offered by Hashogen Technologies. Launching a cryptocurrency exchange platform within 4 hours is not a hard task as people think. With the tried and tested software developed by the inhouse team, The Bitcoin exchange platform can be launched in the hours mentioned above. Things needed to do the white labelling process are as follows:


  • Logo and the name of the exchange that the entrepreneur prefers

  • Preferred color scheme

  • Server with the requested specifications

  • Fiat currency details if needed


With the needed information available, whitelabelling can be done within 2 working hours the installation can be performed. The legitimate software developed by the team of Hashogen Technologies will assist the entrepreneurs to launch the business within a very short time. The secure platform ensures security by all the means and both the hot and cold wallet can be managed by the admin from the administrator panel.

The SEO friendly platform that provides flexibility for the marketing purpose and also it attracts the user with its user friendly appearance. At the same time, the platform can be obtained with a very affordable price and it can also scaled with market trending features such as Margin trading, IEO launchpad and many more.