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The Worlds Second Biggest Cryptocurrency

by Hashogen | Jan 20, 2021

Bitcoin was the original cryptocurrency, developed in 2009 as a peer-to-peer payment system that doesn’t require a central authority to maintain. Alternative digital coins that were developed after bitcoin, like ether and XRP, are known as altcoins.

Ethereum, the network that underpins ether, is touted by its proponents as potential infrastructure for a decentralized internet. That’s because developers can build applications on Ethereum, known as decentralized apps. The Ethereum blockchain — a digital ledger of transactions in the cryptocurrency— began a major upgrade late last year called Ethereum 2.0. Ether investors conveyed that it would make the network faster and more secure.

Primarily it’s still up almost 30% so far this year, and has surged more than 800% from its 2020 low in March. Many experts say its rise has been helped by increased institutional buying and the perception that it is an uncorrelated safe haven asset similar to gold.

It is seen that both Bitcoin and gold are seen as a hedge to protect fiat portfolios due to their inflation-beating properties. Today, Bitcoin is slowly emerging as a mainstream investment class especially among millennial.

It is also interesting to see that the Bitcoin price has shown a consistent increase this year, and seems to be replicating gold price rise. With more institutional players turning to Bitcoin as a perfect hedge against their fiat portfolio, it’s more evident that Bitcoin is gaining ground as a store of value for people around the world.

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